How to link the Roller Blind(s) with the Blinds Controller?

Note: The Roller Blind(s) must be connected with the application to link them with the Blinds Controller.

To link Roller Blind(s) with Blinds Controller, follow the steps below:

1. Access the Blinds Controller in the application.

This displays the Blinds Controller’s configuration screen.

2. Tap on the Link Blinds option below the illustration.

This opens a Link Blinds screen.

3. From the displayed blinds, select the ones you want to link with the Blind Controller.

Note: You can link up to 16 Roller Blinds with a single Blinds Controller.

4. After selecting the required Roller Blind(s), tap on the Save button.

It will take some time to complete the linking process.

Once the linking process is complete, the Link Blinds option displays as n Blinds (where n is the number of connected roller blinds).