Contact Sensor


What is included in the package of Contact Sensor?

The package includes the following:

– MTronic Contact Sensor (Sensor + Magnetic Part) x 1

– Quick Start Guide x 1

– Warranty Card x 1

Do I require any additional items to setup the Contact Sensor?

Yes, you require 2 x AAA batteries to power the Contact Sensor.

Are there any color variants available for Contact Sensor?

The Contact Sensor is available only in white color.

What is the material of Contact Sensor?

The material of the Contact Sensor is ABS Plastic.

What are the dimensions of Contact Sensor?

The dimensions of the Contact Sensor are:

– Sensor: 29 x 69 x 19mm.

– Magentic Part: 15 x 40 x 16mm.

What devices is the Contact Sensor compatible with?

The Contact Sensor is compatible with MTronic MHub, Amazon Alexa Assistant, and Google Home.

Which platforms can I use to control the Contact Sensor?

You can control Contact Sensor from the following platforms:

– MTronic Web Portal

– MTronic Android Application

– MTronic iOS Application

What is the required input power of the Contact Sensor?

The required input power of the Contact Sensor is 2 x AAA batteries.

Can I install Contact Sensor myself or do I require a professional?

You can absolutely install Contact Sensor by yourself as it requires insertion of batteries per correct terminal markings and it’s all set to use.