Roller Blind


What is included in the package of Roller Blind?

The package includes the following:

– MTronic Roller Blind x 1

– Quick Start Guide x 1

– Warranty Card x 1

– Mounting Bracket x 2

– Pins x 2

Do I require any tools to install a Roller Blind?

You require the following tools to install a Roller Blind:

– Cross-Slot Screwdriver

– Wire Cutting Pliers

– Insulation Gloves

– Insulation Tape

– Mains Tester

What devices is the Roller Blind compatible with?

The Roller Blind is compatible with MTronic MHub, MTronic Blinds Controller, Amazon Alexa Assistant, and Google Home.

Which platforms can I use to control the Roller Blind?

You can control Roller Blind from the following platforms:

– MTronic Web Portal

– MTronic Android Application

– MTronic iOS Application

What is the required input voltage of the Roller Blind?

The required input power of the Roller Blind is 220V AC.

Can I install Roller Blind myself or do I require a professional?

You would need a professional to install the Roller Blind as it requires dealing with high voltages and wire setups.

What is the control method of Roller Blind?

The control method of Roller Blind is Touch (Using MTronic Blinds Controller) and Wireless.

What is the torque of the Roller Blind?

The torque of Roller Blind is 10N*m.

What is the rated speed of Roller Blind?

The rated speed of the Roller Blind is 16 rpm.