Step 1: Power the Smart Relay

Safety Instructions:
– Ensure there are appropriate fuse/circuit breakers installed for the space and turn them off before installation. Turn them on only after the installation is done.
– Tighten or loosen the screws when no Live wire is connected.
– Operate the device only within indoor environments to keep it sheltered from all weather conditions.
– Do not allow children to play with the device or its packaging as its plastic film and small components may pose a choking hazard to them.

To power the Smart Relay, follow the steps below:

1. Switch off the AC supply from the circuit breaker.

2. Connect the wires of the load/electronic devices (to be controlled) with the L1 and L2 respectively.

3. Connect the wires of the mechanical switches of the switchboard with the S1 and S2.

4. Connect the Live Wire in L and Neutral wire in N.

Wiring diagram of MTronic Smart Relay

5. Using a cross-slot screwdriver, tighten all the connections.

6. Carefully adjust the smart relay along with the cluster of existing wire connections inside the switchboard.

7. Turn on the AC supply from the circuit breaker.

The Smart Relay is ready for connection as soon as it’s powered.

8. Follow the steps in the next section to connect the Smart Relay with the application.