Touch Panel


1 Gang
2 Gang
3 Gang


What variants of Touch Panels are available?

There are three variants of Touch Panels:

1 Gang: To control one load

2 Gang: To control two loads

3 Gang: To control three loads

What is included in the package of Touch Panel?

The package includes the following:

– MTronic Touch panel x 1

– Quick Start Guide x 1

– Warranty Card x 1

– Screws x 2

Do I require any tools to install the Touch Panel?

You require the following tools to install the Touch Panel on the wall:
– Slotted Screwdriver

– Cross-Slot Screwdriver
– Wire Cutting Pliers

– Insulation Gloves
– Insulation Tape

– Mains Tester

What color variants are available for Touch Panels?

Touch Panels are available in two color variants:

– Glossy Black

– Pearl White

What is the material of Touch Panel?

The Touch Panel is made of ABS Plastic and Tempered Glass.

What are the dimensions of Touch Panel?

The dimensions of a Touch Panel are 86 x 86 x 36 mm.

What devices is a Touch Panel compatible with?

A Touch Panel is compatible with MTronic MHub, Amazon Alexa Assistant, and Google Home.

Which platforms can I use to control a Touch Panel?

You can control a Touch Panel from the following platforms:

– MTronic Web Portal

– MTronic Android Application

– MTronic iOS Application

What is the required input voltage of a Touch Panel?

The required input voltage of a Touch Panel is 230V AC.

Can I install Touch Panel myself or do I require a professional?

You need a professional to install a Touch Panel as it requires dealing with high voltages and live wires.

What is the control method of a Touch Panel?

The control method of a Touch Panel is Touch and Wireless.